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Ensure a long life of your vehicle without investing serious money on car repair, own an effective car maintenance service with Germanic Auto. We offer our customers an array of car maintenance and repair services to ensure smooth functioning of your vehicle. Our company entail various services for your German car, regular car maintenance, car repair, engine mechanics, break & suspension check, alignment and many more. 

Why do I maintain my car?

‘Time’ is what matters, a poorly maintained car is capable to ruin time, money and can put you in risk. Optimizing the problems is essential, from pumping up the tier to a complete car service is what should be taken care of to avoid unexpected problems, regular care and maintenance lead to: 

Maintenance and services are recognised to be a significant need for a carfulfilling the significant need and a specialist conducted service ensures a long run of the car which is highly beneficial. Here’s where your car requires the specialists of German cars at Germanic Auto, we ensure the best service with effective and advance service as our company’s top priority. 

Essential maintenance and care services

Car maintenance is a combination of various services, which results to form a smooth-running vehicle on the roads without fail. Various people agree for ‘regular maintenance’ being one of the biggest ways you can care for your vehicle, the results are observed on a long term basis. 

Car Inspection

A basic service, however, gives you an overview of a car and helps to detect the problem or anything that looks out of order. This inspection should be conducted by the best technology and experts in the industry. A regular inspection is cost-effective on a long term basis.

Oil change

This is an essential service in the maintenance process, basic usage of a car results in rigorous functioning of the engine leads to mixing up of metal pieces with the engine oil. The mix up could be removed by changing the oil after every 4828 kilometres of usage in every German car, this will allow your engine to stay healthy for a long time.

Battery check and contacts clean-up

German car batteries are not advised to be maintained regularly, however, at Germanic Auto we take care of your car battery during the maintenance to ensure safety and extraordinary service for an extraordinary car. The contacts clean-up here refers to brushing up the contacts to avoid unnecessary minerals which can cause a long term impact on the car.

Inner and outer technicalities

The essentials include brake, tier, alignment and external checks. These services ensure safety in a dual aspect which is ‘your safety’ and ‘vehicle’s safety’, the changing weather condition illustrates the importance of lights and brakes on slippery and dark roads. To ensure the safety of yourself and your car, it is suggested to schedule an inspection after every 4828 kilometres of usage.

What we take care of?

Car maintenance is a lengthy process which is where we create ease by handling the process for your German cars, being the leading German auto service company in Calgary, we provide you access to the specialists, advance technology and supreme services.  

Germanic Auto ensures taking care of your vehicle by advanced repairs, part replacements and maintenance services such as car inspection, oil change, battery checks and other essential technicalities.  

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